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NY SMARTS students are using their language skills to make great strides in their careers.

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Testimonials From Our Students

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“My class is tough, but perfect! It's very helpful to me.”

Yeongnam (Graphic Designer)

“My tutor is very helpful, organized and has talent for teaching me. She makes my class very interesting.”

Michel (Fashion Sales Consultant)

“My tutor is sesnsive and attentive to my needs, accomodates them to help me improve effectively, and puts a lot of effort to prepare classes. Excellent preparation every time.”

Heesun (Art Therapist)

“My tutor prepares for every class to teach me what I need.”

Yuki (Pediatrician)

“My tutor really understands exactly what I want to study although I am not good at explaining it. My pronunciation tutor uses very shocking teaching techniques — she makes sure I never forget!”

Minyoung (Graduate Student in Fine Arts)

“If you are like me, a foreigner wanting to improve your English, not confident about your talking and writing, I highly recommend NY Smarts. I think my tutor taught me the essential that every person need to write or talk efficiently. It sounds cheezy, but I didn't know this basic English structure. Now, I am more confident! Thank you for all your hard work, enthuisasm and professionalism. I like the personalized classes you prepared for me.”

Karen (Marketing Executive)

“I wouldn't have passed one of the classes if I didn't work with NY Smarts.”

Ray (Owner of Construction Business,
& Graduate Student in Architecture)

“My general ESL tutor really understands what I am trying to say and what I need to work on to improve my English. She also gives me good information about exhibitions and books that can help me experience American culture. My other tutor has a good background in film and his advice about choosing the right schools for filmmaking was very helpful. I learned a lot of specific vocabulary related to film.”

Hayoung (Filmmaker)

“My teacher in our prounciation group course gives excellant explanation for each sound.”

Youngnim (Artist & Curator)

“My tutor always encourages me and makes my class interesting. I think he's a very talented teacher.”

Noah (Executive at Non-Profit Organization)

“My pronunciation teacher teaches pronunciation like a gym teacher. I have to exercise different muscles around my mouth and throat which I never used when I spoke my own language. I have been here for over a decade and no one taught me like my teacher. She made me learn how to make English sounds from scratch. I was doing everything wrong or imperfect before.”

Misook (Art Director)

“Before I joined NY smarts, I thought I can't even pass this tough course I was taking in my college. After I studied with my tutor, I got an A. I couldn't believe it. My tutor is amazing.”

Woohee (College Student - Nursing)

“My tutor has a passion to help me improve my English. She is very happy if she sees my improvement.”

Jin (Fashion Designer)

“Such care to meet my needs, and very responsive. I don't think I can find that anywhere else.”

Min (Accountant)

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