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How well do you write?

Good writing captures interest, builds credibility, informs and convinces. Improving your writing can lead to clearer email, stronger presentation, better organization, and more recognition — all things that lead to a successful career.

NY Smarts tutors have helped clients improve their writing of all sorts of documents, including presentations, reports, email, cover-letters/resumes/thank-you-letters, admissions essays, complaints, artist statements, screenplays, and thesis statements.

Whatever your needs, our tutors will help you address your audience with:

  • knowing your audience
  • seizing your audience's attention
  • gaining your audience's trust
  • sharing information in a clear and organized way
  • conveying your views
  • overturning their doubts.

In the end, you will see benefits in terms of communication, credibility, collaboration, leadership, and effectiveness.

Whether it is an email or an executive summary, a status briefing, an essay, or a keynote address, NY Smarts can help you get your point across. Contact NY Smarts to find out how.

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Small Group Classes for International Professionals are forming now.

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