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Smarts Tutoring

NY SMARTS has built its reputation on the excellence of its one-on-one tutoring. Our method is unique. We do several things in particular that are different from other tutors:

  • We make a special effort to match students with tutors who can best meet their interests and needs. From an ESL perspective, this means help with reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and diction. From a professional perspective, this means pairing students with tutors who have similar creative or business backgrounds in order to help students with the material, background and culture that are important to them.
  • We do a careful survey and evaluation at the beginning of each course.
  • We create course plans based on our initial evaluation.
  • We record progress and issues after every session.
  • We evaluate progress at the end of each course.

Our aim is to combine the benefits of formal language schools with the benefits of having a one-on-one tutor. Through this combination, we give our students the best possible means of improving their English.

  • Conversation Smarts. Our most popular course! Learn to speak easily and effectively about subjects that interest you, master the vocabulary you need, and improve your grammar.

  • Pronunciation Smarts. English sounds are not so hard – you just need to learn and practice them! Our dynamic Pronunciation Specialists can help you discover, make, and master the sounds of English.

  • Writing Smarts. Our experts can help you with journalism, fiction, correspondence, research and scriptwriting. We can even help you write your thesis! We recommend that you work with a tutor in person, but this can also be done by email.

Many of our students come for two sessions per week and work with two different tutors. We find that this help students learn most effectively.

Sign up now and get your first class free. Your perfect tutor is just a phone call away.

Small Group Classes for International Professionals are forming now.

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