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Artist & Designer Smarts

What does it take to succeed as a foreign artist in New York? More than just talent! At a minimum, you need:

  • An effective resume, cover letter and thank you letter.
  • The ability to present & discuss your artwork.
  • Good interview skills.

Artists also need:

  • Strong bios, artist statements, and artwork descriptions.
  • A good list of galleries & grants.

NY Smarts has Counsellors with expertise in many creative fields (including painting, art history, art criticism, fashion, graphic design, sculpture and film.). We will work with you to develop and articulate your ideas in order to produce effective documents and to prepare you to present yourself well.

For artists, we will also work with you to identify galleries and grants best-suited to your work, and we will post a presentation of your artwork on our SMARTS Gallery website.

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Small Group Classes for International Professionals are forming now.

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