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NY SMARTS has been meeting the language needs of adults since 2004.

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Admissions Smarts

You found the graduate program that's right for you. You're a perfect candidate. But there's a lot riding on that personal statement! What do you want to say? What do they want to hear? How should you present your message?

We've helped many grad students gain admission to their desired programs . This is what it takes to compose a strong Admissions Essay.


Writing Smarts

You know what you want to say, but putting it in writing it is hard. Writing doesn't have to be a struggle — indeed, it should be empowering! Let our expert coaches show you the way.

  • Excellent & inspired writing
  • Absorbing articles & blog posts
  • Robust academic & research papers
  • Effective email & correspondence
  • Clear technical documentation & reports
  • Tempting marketing copy

Presentation & Speaking Smarts

You can be an expert in your field and still find it hard to share your expertise with others. This is because "presentation" calls for a different kind of expertise. Presenting doesn't simply mean knowing what you're talking about, but also entails understanding, engaging, and retaining your audience. We can help you develop solid skills in:

  • Presentation planning
  • Writing your presentation
  • Developing and using visual aids
  • Public speaking
  • Interviewing

ESL Smarts

The professional advancement of international professionals is often limited by language — can they inspire, instruct, collaborate, sell? We offer a full range of grammar, accent-reduction, writing/correspondence, presentation, conversation, and more.

Please consider our list of ESL services and let us know what we can do for you!









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